It’s difficult to not get wrapped up in the emotional upheaval that is pervasive right now. This is especially the case with everyone dragging their emotional baggage around everywhere they go. This baggage can not only cause us to trigger each other, but can also lead to imbalances within. Living in a world with such intense emotions buzzing around can completely overwhelm even the most seemingly stable people.

Everything, including our emotions, is energy. As such, everything in our bodies can be and is affected by our emotions and even the emotions of those around us. But, there is something that causes us to be more easily afflicted than we need to be. Trapped emotions. When we experience a new difficult emotion, it can be amplified or exacerbated because of a trapped emotion.

But even more fascinating is that trapped emotions do not just affect us emotionally. They can cause us to experience chronic issues in the body or contribute to mental blocks. Thankfully there is a simple beautiful method that can help us shed this emotional baggage.

In addition to whatever trapped emotions we have collected in our lifetime, these trapped emotions, or balls of energy, can be passed down through numerous generations. Add an emotional trigger (either inside or outside of yourself) and you have perfect storm for emotional distress. Thankfully, a simple, yet powerful method has been discovered so that we may shed our emotional baggage.

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a modality developed by Dr.Bradley Nelson. It utilizes muscle testing to connect with the subconscious mind. Because the subconscious mind retains our entire history, we are able to access information that’s normally unknown. Through muscle testing, we can identify whether someone has trapped emotions and if a symptom or situation is being caused by them.

Through a simple, yet effective technique, a practitioner is led to a specific trapped emotion. Using a chart of 60 emotions, the trapped emotion that the body is ready to release will be identified through muscle testing (or use of a pendulum). Using a magnet or her/his hand, the emotion is cleared with 3 swipes (or 10 if inherited). The practitioner then confirms the emotion has been released and continues on releasing more emotions until the body signifies it is complete, or there is a sense of completion for the day.

Sometimes more information is needed to be known like at what age this happened, if it was absorbed from someone else, where it is in the body, or something else. This is also part of the testing process. It is important not to release each trapped emotion separately. Each individual emotion is to be identified separately in order to properly release it.

Emotional Distress

Emotion = energy in motion (e-motion). When we experience an emotion that isn’t able to process, it can add to our emotional baggage and cause emotional distress. These trapped emotions literally interrupt the flow of all sorts of processes if they become balls of stuck energy. So much of the time, we will experience distress as a result of resisting what we are feeling. I realize it’s not always easy, but allowing emotions to be present and move through really serves in preventing emotional distress.

In addition, when we create a stronger physical foundation, we can navigate through difficult emotions more smoothly. This is one reason why nourishing the physical body is so important. The strength of the physical body helps support the rest of the system being stable and well. So when you clean up the body and detox it, you are helping to create stronger foundation from which to experience emotions, lessening the likelihood for more emotional baggage

From an energetic perspective, grounding is a wonderful way to support emotions. Grounding helps remind the system that there is constant support available. Though energetic in nature, it helps nourish the body on all levels and can thus help to prevent or treat emotional distress.

Emotional Release

As humans, we have four aspects that come together to create us. Emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental. Emotional health is not separate from the other three areas. When our emotional wellbeing is off, it can cause our thoughts to be hijacked. It can also cause the body to display symptoms . And it can weaken our connection to The Divine.

When we can have emotional release and let go of emotional baggage, we are able to peel back the layers and reveal our true nature. It is such a simple, yet profoundly beautiful process. I cannot recommend Emotion Code enough. I have this gentle modality shift others into freer way of being and also helped them find relief from chronic issues.

In addition to the emotional, when we have other layers of toxicity that are causing imbalance. These need to be addressed as well. It’s never just one thing because our being works together in all of its aspect – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritual. We must nourish ourselves holistically, not neglecting parts. When you witness the natural healing ability of the body, your faith and hope can be restored.

If you are wanting help in releasing trapped emotions, please reach out to me here.

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