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You might find yourself frequently asking “why do I get overwhelmed so easily” these days. Let’s face it, 2020 has been profoundly intense for all of us here on planet earth. As women, we tend to be affected by these energies more – especially when we are sensitive. And don’t let the word sensitive fool you. It isn’t a curse to be sensitive, nor does it equate with being weak. Those of us who are sensitive pick up on more in our world. That includes the outer and inner worlds. That’s ok – it can be used as a gift. In my experience, some of the strongest people I know are also the most sensitive! 

That said, sometimes, sensitivity can happen as a result of toxicity in the physical body. This can make it so we have a difficult time dealing with stress, and end up feeling overwhelmed with life. When the body doesn’t have a solid foundation of health, we can feel pushed over much easier. Consequently, we end up having less capacity to deal with life. The vast majority of people on the globe right now have high levels of toxicity in the body. This results in things like low functioning organs and glands. So things like adrenal fatigue and neurological fatigue can set in causing the body to respond to stimuli or stressful events in a way that’s erratic and causes further stress. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle. 

Adrenal Fatigue and Feeling Overwhelmed

Our adrenals are these two little glands that sit right above our kidneys. They are small but so very mighty. They’re responsible for producing adrenaline, cortisol as well as reproductive hormones. When they become fatigued, they affect the entire rest of your body and cause us to feel overwhelmed. They can get completely out of whack when we live in a perpetual state of busyness and neglect our bodies. This includes your brain and nervous system. When exhausted, the adrenals can release too much hormones and at other times, not enough. When we live stressful lives and/or forget to eat frequently enough, the adrenals don’t get the time or the nutrients to fully recover. They end up in this constant exhausted cycle, trying to catch up. This means experiencing things like overwhelm, trouble concentrating, low energy, forgetfulness, trouble completing basic tasks, anxiety and depression, and so much more. 

Neurological Fatigue

Just as the adrenals can become fatigued and cause that overwhelmed sense, so too can the neurological system. Oftentimes, if someone has adrenal fatigue symptoms but they’re quite intense, neurological fatigue can also be at play. Symptoms like intense fatigue and brain fog can be signs, along with being extra sensitive in every sense of the word. Loud noises, bright lights, fragrances, and even touch can be too much. The biggest contributor to neurological fatigue is pathogens (viruses and bacteria) surviving and thriving in the body. Without going in too deep here, know that helping the body detox these pathogens and the toxins they create is critical. In addition, toxic heavy metals can also cause a weakened and sensitive nervous system. All of this issues can be reversed when we cleaned up the body by giving it what it needs.

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Thankfully, there are tools to bring into your daily life to help get your system back on track. It can take time to feel results, so make sure to stay in it for the long-haul so that you find relief. Choose a couple of these to start with, eventually bringing in as many of these tools as you’re able. 

  • Eat more fruit and potatoes. These refuel the adrenals & nervous system with essential glucose. Try adrenal snacks 
  • Graze. Eat every 1 ½ – 2 hours – preferably adrenal snacks or fruit
  • Drink celery juice. Drink 16 ounces every morning on an empty stomach. Start slow if you’re sensitive. Celery juice is great for the adrenals AND the nervous system.
  • Hydrate with living water. Throughout the day, make sure you have a squeeze of lemon or a piece of fresh fruit in your water. This ensures you’re drinking living water which is MUCH more hydrating. Proper hydration is critical for your nervous system health.
  • Grounding exercises. Doing this daily helps lower stress in and around the physical body.
  • Epsom salt baths (unscented salts). Taking these several times a week (or even nightly) helps lower stress levels and supports the body in detoxing.
  • Take a B12 supplement (with adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin). This is a VERY common deficiency. This is needed for a healthy functioning nervous system.
  • Drink lemon balm tea or take an alcohol-free lemon balm tincture. This helps to calm the nervous system, fight pathogens and supports detox.
  • Lower your daily stress. Make decisions to support this in any and every way possible. (ie: less social media time, less time taking in media, more time in nature, self-compassion)

Look at the Big Picture

These physical pieces are often a big part of the picture. Without these being addressed, we don’t have a strong foundation to live from. Improving the body will help support everything else. We are holistic beings, so we need to care for the whole system. Addressing our beliefs and thoughts is a big piece to managing overwhelm as well. When we believe our life is overwhelming, we will be overwhelmed. What can you do to help yourself not believe your stressful thoughts? The mind has a way of hooking us in and getting us to buy into its drama, but we don’t have to! We can make it a habit to be aware of our thoughts and question them as they come up. This gives us much more freedom and ultimately allows for a much more easeful life. 

The Quickening Contributes to Overwhelm

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the energetic aspect of overwhelm, especially living in 2020. We live in a time that many have called the Quickening. It is this idea that everything is speeding up on all levels so that we can evolve and heal quicker. Ultimately, we are waking up and reaching higher states of consciousness. Though the outcome might be desired by many, the path there isn’t always easy. This is another reason to start to focus on that which will support your overall health.

We cannot separate out the physical from the spiritual or energetic. It all affects the rest. So, when we support the physical body in the ways I’ve suggested, the other aspects are more likely to come into balance. Emotions and thoughts come up to be seen and let go. Stagnant energy that doesn’t serve gets released and we find that the entire system starts to work smoother. This brings relief and more ease to our lives. You will find that with a strong, healthy body intense cosmic energetics and the “crazy” state of the world are handled much smoother.   

There has never been a better time to start a self care daily ritual than right now. I urge you to take action and start bringing in some of these tools I’ve shared with you. Here is another post of mine that is specific to self care and why it’s so helpful right now. Self care practices can make a world of difference in starting to find relief and relaxation. I also ask you to ease on yourself. Sometimes we need to do less, especially when we are feeling these energetic waves. Allow yourself that nap, or time out. It’s ok. A little bit of self-compassion goes a long way. I hope that you find value from these tools. You aren’t alone.